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Wu-Tang: An American Saga 

by A. Smith

The Wu-Tang Clan have a new mini series called Wu-Tang: An American Saga. The mini-series is showing on Hulu and it has been very interesting and fascinating. The Hip Hop group started in the early 1990’s and have become one of the most iconic groups and solo artists in Hip Hop history. Their first album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) was a great success, which allowed the group members to have successful solo careers and have deals with other record labels.  

The Actors in the TV series have really embodied the artists and it’s amazing to see their humble beginnings. The casts include Dave East (Method Man), Ashton Sanders (RZA), Siddiq Saunderson (Ghostface Killah), Shameik Moore (Raekwon), TJ Atoms (Ol’ Dirty Bastard- ODB’s son unfortunately did not get the role), Johnell Xavier (GZA), Joey Badass (Inspectah Deck) and Caleb Castille as Darryl "Chino" Hill (Cappadonna), Erika Alexander (Linda Diggs- RZA’s mum), Zolee Griggs as Shurrie Diggs, Julian Elijah Martinez as Divine Diggs and Marcus Callender as Power Grant.  

The groups last album was released in 2015, called ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’ and The Saga Continues (a compilation album). However most of the them are still continuing with their solo projects and still involved in everything Wu-Tang with merchandises, tours and even a Wu- Tang Clan MetroCard to promote the TV series.  

RZA has not only produced the Wu-Tang albums and solo projects, he has scored on some films such as Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai and Kill Bill. He has also appeared in TV shows and films such as American Gangster and had his directorial debut with The Man with the Iron Fists. He also the executive producer of the TV mini-series. You can also check out an interview he did with Vanity Fair on YouTube about the 10 Kung Fu movies he has sampled. I was today years old when I found out RZA is married to Talani Rabb who was a model. If you grew up in the 90’s you would recognise her from LL Cool J’s video ‘Doin It’ and Diddy’s video ‘Satisfy You’. 

Ghostface Killah released his 13th album ‘Ghostface Killahs’ his son Sun God is featured on a track called ‘Fly Everything’ and ‘The Chase’ and his fellow Wu-Tang members Method Man, Cappadonna, Masta Killah, and Inspectah Deck are on tracks like; ‘Me, Denny & Darryl’. ‘Burner to Burner’, ‘Waffles and Ice Cream and ‘Soursop’. Other artists featured on the album include Shawn Wigs, Solomon Childs, Eamon and Harley. 

Method Man has had a great year with features on tracks like Teyana Taylor and  
performing with Mary at the BET Awards. He recently was on the Jimmy Kimmel show and mentioned how he has a podcast called Marvels. Fun fact he has over 30,000 comic books, he has been collecting since he was 13 years old. 

GZA was recently on Rapsody’s single ‘Ibtihaj’ and he absolutely demolished his part, as he raps: “Well written rap, bound to have a great impact/ On a listener for the fact it's well intact/ An MC should electrify, beautify, strive to/ Empower, inspire, transform a world view.” *Speechless* 

U-God released his autobiography called Raw: My Journey Into The Wu-Tang in 2018 alongside his album called Venom. Chance The Rapper gave a shout out to the emcee, in his song ‘We Go High’; “and throw up the woo (Wu) like U-God”. 
U-God will be coming to Walthamstow Jazz Festival 2020, in London, UK. You can purchase your tickets here: 

Raekwon released his album ‘The Wild’ in 2017, he has his own wine Licataa. Inspectah Deck has an album called Chamber No.9, nine years after his 2010 release ‘Manifesto’. Cappondonna’s latest solo album ‘Ear Candy; was released in 2018.  

You can also catch Wu- Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men on Showtime; a documentary honouring their 25th anniversary of Wu-Tang Clan's debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). 

What are your thoughts on the mini-series? 

Top Boy is on top of the world with Netflix success 

by A. Smith

The British series Top Boy is back, and can now be viewed on Netflix. It has been one of the most watched series recently and everyone has been (re)introduced to the crime drama series. The TV series originally started in 2011 and was on Channel 4 but the series ended in 2013. The series casts include Ashley Walters as Dushane, and Kane Robinson as Sully who are both drug dealers and sometimes frenemies who run the Summerhouse Estate in Hackney, East London. Drake has been a fan of show and when the opportunity arrived, he decided to bring the show back. Season three also brought the original writers and some of the cast members from Season one.  
Some critics are excited to see the show back but some see things a little differently. 
London Hughes, who is a well known comedian and writer wrote an article for inews about the disappointment of having the show back and believed it was a step behind for Black British Culture.  

The Editor of Black Ballad also pointed out about the variety of TV series on Netflix, like  Black Earth Rising and Turn Up Charlie, just to name a few. Furthermore she also mentioned her husband’s take on this in her newsletter, by expressing the American audience have more options from Blackish, Power and Insecure and how we should be able to have the same in Britain. Which is a fair point! Has London Hughes said:  

“As important and gripping as these stories are, they shouldn’t be the only ones being told. For every Top Boy, there should be at least one “Keisha goes to Uni”.” 

I definitely understand both sides, for example as exciting and intense these TV series can be, like Power, these shows can be seen as glamorising the acts of violence. It’s the norm to read comments online about this person needs to be dead, that person she get shot. I know it’s all fiction but in the violent climax we are in, it’s scary that subconsciously we are so used to seeing violence and substance abuse so frequently. But this is the harsh reality that we live in right now and what the executives/producers greenlight. On the other hand, hopefully this will be an eye opener for young adults and people in general, that the street life is not all glitz and glamour.  

Kano who plays Sully released his album ‘Hoodies All Summer’, the veteran emcee came onto the Hip Hop/ Grime scene in 2006 with his classic album ‘Rollin’ with the Nines’. His latest masterpiece paints a picture of the experiences of knife crime, loss, racism and hope. 

An album for the Netflix series, also named ‘Top Boy’ is available now. The album features artists such as Giggs, Professor x and  Young Teflon just to name a few. Also Dave and Little Simz who are on the show, display their musical talent on the album.

Nas releases ‘No Bad Energy’ Video 

by A. Smith

We can all relate that none of us want ‘No Bad Energy’ and Nas has release this track from his amazing album the Lost Tapes 2. The critically acclaimed album is a collection of tracks that did not make it on his album. The video has a ‘rich and relaxed’ vibe to it, with Nas in a Balenciaga tracksuit sitting on a white piano with a glass of red wine. It then pans over to a lady in a black lingerie going up the stairs to the villa’s deck, while Nas admires her from afar. Nas is then shown outside admiring the view, which was beautifully captured, which was directed by Vincent Lou.Congratulations to Nas who has backed Sweet Chick with founder John Seymour, their restaurant will be launching this autumn in London’s West End at 8 Market Place, Fitzrovia. The chicken and waffle restaurant already have five locations in New York and Los Angeles.

Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott | The Icon 

by A. Smith


Missy Elliott recently received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards 2019. She honestly should have won a long time ago. But thanks to her fans including Kid Fury & Crissle (The Read podcast) and Black Twitter who were on MTV’s necks to award Missy “expeditiously.” 

Missy delivered an amazing show with eye popping choreography and swift outfit changes. She performed her classics, ‘Rain’, ‘Hot Boyz’, ‘Get Ur Freak On', 'Work It', 'Pass That Dutch', and 'Lose Control'. One of the highlights was seeing Alyson Stoner, who came and rocked the crowed with her slick, quick and fluid moves. Alyson has featured in several of Missy’s videos including ‘'Work It' and 'Gossip Folks’. 

Missy Elliott’s stage presence and dance moves are always electrifying. Watching her on stage was intriguing and emotional. To see her performing her classic hits years later is incredible. I loved how Missy gave a shout out to the people who inspired her and have made an impact with their creative videos. She mentioned Janet Jackson, Busta Rhymes (Missy and Busta’s Rhymes’ videos were epic but low key scared me a bit!), Madonna and Peter Gabriel. She also mentioned the dance community, especially the young dancers that were on stage with her that night.  “Y’all are not just props. Y’all are the icing on the cake, the beat to the heart.” 

A lot of us were annoyed that she only got 7 minutes when others like *coughs* JLO, Beyonce Justin and others had 10-15 minutes. She acknowledged this on Sway In The Morning and was not bothered but rather grateful; she also said if she had more time she would have brought guests on like Timbaland on stage with her. Ugh! That would have been a dream. 

I love the advice she gave to upcoming artists, on having humility in the music industry and how it helps the relationships you have with other artists/people. She used Patti Labelle and Stevie Wonder as an example, that they may not be charting like they used to, but they still get respect from people because of how they treat people and how they carry themselves. 

She also mentioned her friendship with Lil Kim, Mary J.Blige and Queen Latifah. They still talk and visit each other. Queen Latifah, Mary and Missy are executive producers on The Clark Sisters: The First Ladies of Gospel movie, which will be released in January 2020. The legendary Gospel group will be sharing their story about their lives and music careers. They have been a huge inspirations to the ladies and other artists in the music industry. Missy is also in talks about creating her own biopic. 

Missy’s videos have always been futuristic and innovative. Collaborating with the iconic music directors like Hype Williams and Dave Meyers- her fashion choices, videography and choreography - there’s no other artist like Missy. 

Missy opened up about a funny story for the ‘Rain’ video, where she had to get pumped up at the gas station for the iconic patent leather black suit she wore in the video. But they quickly realised after that she was too big to enter the car, so she had to walk to set, which was not a short breeze as by the time she had walked to set, the suit had deflated loool! 

Her EP ‘Iconology’ was well received from fans, the first single from the EP, ‘Throw It Back’ is ode to her music career and how she was and still is the ish! “Missy make up her own rules, not many can do what I do, So many VMA's, that I could live on the moon. Man, I jump and you leap, Better wake up if you sleep, I did records for Tweet, Before y'all could even tweet.” 

‘DripDemeanor’ ft Sum1 is set to be the second single of the EP, it’s smooth and reminiscent of the classic Timbaland and Missy R&B sound. ‘Cool Off’ is an upbeat track and literally our new workout song and ‘Why I Still Love You’ has a Doo- Wop/ Gospel feel to it and the EP also includes a beautiful acapella version too.

Pusha T’s new single ‘Coming Home featuring MS. Lauryn Hill |  

by A. Smith

Pusha T has a new single with no other, than the legendary Ms. Lauryn Hill. The Virginia rapper released his album Dakota in 2018, where he released singles like ’If You Know You Know’ and ‘What Would Meek Do?. ‘Coming Home’ featuring Ms. Hill is a track that launches his Third Strike campaign; 

“Grammy-nominated recording artist, activist and entrepreneur, Pusha T, has joined forces with two powerhouse lawyers, MiAngel Cody and Brittany K. Barnett, to launch the ‘Third Strike Coming Home’ campaign. To coincide with the campaign launch, Pusha T has released his latest single “Coming Home” featuring Ms. Lauryn Hill. He’s kicked off the campaign with a $25K donation. 

With fierce urgency, MiAngel and Brittany have already won freedom for over 40 people sentenced to life in prison under federal drug laws. MiAngel and Brittany recently made history during their 90 Days of Freedom Campaign when – in just 3 short months – they won freedom for 17 drug offenders set to die in prison. 
‍Pusha T is joining them in their fight to free people still serving life in prison today under yesterday’s outdated 3 Strikes Drug Law. This campaign is a People Powered Push! You can join Pusha T by donating to the movement to free more people and reunite more families.” 

The song is has an uplifting feel to it, produced by Kanye West, Mike Dean, and Charlie Heat. The words are heartfelt and real, for Pusha T to have Ms. Hill on a track is astonishing since we have not heard an a original song from her in a while. 
In the chorus she sings:  

“When love is gone, you hold onto anything 
Some do wrong, just to feel anything 
But when the void is filled, you stand up to anything 
When love is real, you can do anything” 

Pusha T touched on some sensitive subjects, some of his verses are gritty and straight to the point, especially in the third verse he raps: 
“Free lunches and apple juices, uh 
Food stamps, ashamed to use 'em 
You ever lived with the user? 
Shared a bed with abusers, that's the worst way to lose 'em” 

Please Donate what you can, using this link below and support the campaign and movement:


by A. Smith

  BIG K.R.I.T IZ HERE, is a follow up to his album ‘4eva Is A Mighty Long Time’ and a sequel his mixtape ‘K.R.I.T Wuz Here’. Some amazing artists joined him on this album, guest appearances from J.Cole, Lil Wayne, Rico Love, Saweetie, Yella Beezy and Baby Rose, just to name a few. 

Justin Lewis Scott aka Big K.R.I.T (King Remembered In Time) was born in Mississippi, his career has been bubbling for years and as being seen as an underground/underrated artist, as well as a writer and producer. He was previously signed to Def Jam but they parted 3 years ago. He released his third album 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time under his own label – Multi Alumini.  

The lead single from the album is called ‘K.R.I.T. Here’, it’s a nice way to set off the momentum for the album and make his presence known. The song samples the classic song, ‘Trust In God’ by The Winans. 

The video for K.R.I.T Here, was incredibly engaging and powerful, as he starts of on the steps with his people surrounding him, which represents him in 2009, he raps:  


“Made it out the hood like "yeah" 
Who would've thought we would get it 
Out of the project like "damn", don't get lost in my crib 
Way too legit just to quit, oh you thought that was it? 
I'ma be bigger than big, yeah you know what it is” 

The next scene was showing K.R.I.T and other rappers, in a plantation field ready to be sold, as Diamond Alexis from B.E.T explained: 

“A sequel of sorts to his “Energy” visual, K.R.I.T. leads eras of hip-hop, Black empowerment, and African and Southern nativity into acute freedom of not only self, but expression and community as well. Arguably, the most gripping scene of the visual arrives in a slavery auction operated by the fictional record label house, “Plantation Records.” In the vain of actual slavery auctions of the Atlantic slave trade, the sell-off shows Black rap artists—including the former Def Jam artist himself—standing atop tree stumps on a plantation as an auctioneer advertises the best-selling qualities of each slave to prospective buyers. These bidders are white, business-suited men, presumably intended to mimic the predominate demographic of record label executives, who stroll around the plantation to inspect the men in hopes of making a purchase.” 

A lot of artists are going in the independent route; with badly managed 360 deals, favouritism, lack of promotion or having to be someone they are not to sell records. 

The next scene shows K.R.I.T in a church, with a preacher and a congregation giving praise to God and a cameo from producer DJ Camper- who produced this record is playing the piano/organ. The last shot was of him standing in front of fireworks, which represents to me a celebration of happiness and freedom. 

The second single released ‘Addiction’ featuring Lil Wayne and Saweetie, is a sexy and seductive number. Hopefully they will be a video for ‘Addiction’ as K.R.I.T’s videos never disappoints us.  

K.R.I.T is currently on the From the South with Love Tour, he will be joined by Rapsody and Domani Harris. Get your tickets here: 

Which songs are you loving on the album and what songs are you looking forward to him performing live? 


1) K.R.I.T. HERE 
2) High End Country (Interlude) 
3) Been Waitin 
4) I Make It Easy 
5) Addiction (Feat. Lil Wayne & Saweetie) 
6) Energy 
7) Obvious (Feat. Rico Love) 
8) I Made (Feat. Yella Beezy) 
9) Everytime (Feat. Baby Rose) 
10) Believe 
11) Prove It (Feat. J. Cole) 
12) Family Matters 
13) ”Blue Flame” (Interlude) 
14) Blue Flame Ballet 
15) Learned From Texas 
16) Outer Space 
17) High Beams (Feat. WOLFE de MÇHLS) 
18) Life In the Sun (Feat. Camper) 
19) M.I.S.S.I.S.S.I.P.P.I.


by A. Smith


Rapsody blessed us with an incredible music video for her single “IBTIHAJ” as a tribute to the first American Muslim woman to wear her hijab in the Olympics, Ibtihaj Muhammad, who represented the United States. In 2016 she won a bronze medal for the women’s saber team. The song features the legendary GZA and D’angelo, and samples RZA’s beats from GZA’s “Liquid Swords”.  

The visuals were heavily influenced by Misa Hylton, the iconic fashion stylist (Lil Kim, Mary J Blige, Jodeci etc) entrepreneur and the Global Creative Partner for MCM designs. Cameos featured in the video were from Hip Hop pioneer Roxanne Shante, Mary J. Blige and GZA. 

Her new album EVE is out today, a follow up to her Grammy nominated album Laila’s Wisdom. The titles of her songs include powerful black women. In her interview with the Breakfast club she said her album was originally going to be named Alien, suggested by her producer 9th Wonder, who  mentioned when she raps she sounds like alien; out of this world and black women feel alienated, However with Queen Latifah’s response to it, Queen Latifah helped her with options of changing the album name and EVE become the one. 

Some of the women named on the title of the songs include, Nina Simone, Aaliyah, Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg and a song named after the Egyptian pharaoh Hatshepsut. There are some brilliant features on the album including  PJ Morton, J.I.D, Elle Varner, SiR, K Roosevelt, Leikeli 47, Mereba and Queen Latifah. 

Rapsody just dropped a video for Nina, which samples Nina Simone’s cover of ‘Strange Fruit’ by Billie Holiday. Check it out!   

Dreamville Presents: REVENGE (Documentary) + Revenge of the Dreamers III Album 

by A. Smith

J. Cole and the Dreamville crew released their album and documentary simultaneously recently. The documentary showcased the process of the album being made. Rappers and producers all gathered in the same studio to create the Revenge of the Dreamers III, even other celebrities like Ludacris, T.I., Wale, Rick Ross, Big K.R.I.T, Swizz Beatz, the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team, former NBA player Chris Bosh (who surprisingly makes beats, who knew?) and many others came by to the studio. 

I hope some of the music that was made, that did not make the cut will be released sometime in the future. I can’t imagine being in the position of selecting which songs to pick as they all sounded like classics. There was come competitiveness but there were no bad vibes from watching this. It was authentic and  awesome to see artists who are hungry to deliver their talent. It was heart warming to see so much love, laughs and lyrics, where it could have turned hostile, but this was artistry at its finest. 

You can watch the full documentary here: 

The collective released their first compilation on Revenge of the dreamers in 2014 (featuring Rappers J.Cole, Bas, Omen, K- Quick and singer Treasure Davis) and the second Revenge of the dreamers II, in 2015 (featuring Dreamville artists, J. Cole, Ari Lennox, Cozz, Bas, Omen and Lute.) 

This is a solid album, for them to record this in 10 days, is incredible. Just pure lyrical talent all over, how they were able to feature so may artists on one song?!! I am shook! Loved hearing Ari Lennox on here, I’ve listened to her album Shea Butter Baby, non-stop since it has dropped. 

I have rated the songs out of 5, check my ratings below. What are your favourite songs on this album? 

Track list: 

Under The Sun feat. J. Cole, Lute & Da Baby  (5/5) 

Down Bad feat. J.I.D, Bas, J.Cole, EARTHGANG & Young Nudy (4/5) 

LamboTruck with Cozz feat. REASON & Childish Major (4/5) 

Swivel feat. EARTHGANG (4/5) 

Oh Wow…Swerve feat. J. Cole, Zoink Gang, KEY! & Maxo Kream (4/5) 

Don’t Hit Me Right Now feat. Bas, Cozz, Yung Baby Tate, Guapdad 4000 (4/5) 

Wells Fargo feat. J.I.D, EARTHGANG, Buddy & Guapdad 4000 (3.5/5) 

Sleep Deprived feat. Lute, Omen, Mez & DaVionne (4/5) 

Self Love feat. Ari Lennox, Bas & Baby Rose (5/5) 

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies feat. J.I.D & T.I. (4/5) 

Costa Rica with Bas & J.I.D. feat. Guapdad 400, Reese LAFLARE, Jace, Mez (5/5) 

1993 feat. J. Cole, J.I.D, Cozz, EARTHGANG, Smino & Buddy (5/5) 

Rembrandt..Run It Back feat. J.I.D, J.Cole and Vince Staples (4/5) 

Sunset feat. J. Cole & Young Nudy (3/5) 

Got Me with Ari Lennox & Omen feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Dreezy (5/5) 


PTSD feat. Omen, Mereba, Deanté Hitchcock & St. Beauty (4/5) 

Sacrifices feat. EARTHGANG, J. Cole, Smino & Saba (4/5)

Mary J Blige: The Queen of Hip Hop and Soul 

by A. Smith

Mary was amazing at the BET Awards, where she received the Lifetime Achievement Award, everyone and their Aunties were having the time of their lives listening to the classic joints. Rihanna presented Mary with the Lifetime Achievement Award. A video montage of Diddy, Queen Latifah, Nas and others spoke about her achievements and impact to the Hip Hop and R&B world, as being one of kind. 

“To my fans, words cannot express how grateful I am and thankful to have you in my life. Thank you for weathering these storms with me and rejoicing when I have victory.” -MJB 

Her performance was epic, it started with a video introduction of Diddy announcing the Queen to the stage; “prepare the stage for the Queen, of Hip Hop Soul…all hail the Queen”, of course with a little Diddy shoulder bop. 

Mary came to the stage in all white and sang some of her classic hits: “My Life”, “No More Drama”, “I’m Going Down”, “Real Love” Remix feat Biggie”, “You Remind Me”, “Love No Limit”, “Happy” (where she did her infamous Mary dance) which got the crowd hyped, chanting “go Mary, go Mary!”. 

“I Can Love You” brought out the Queen Bee, Lil Kim who was looking hot and meant serious business as soon as she said: 

 “If I told you once, told twice, QB, throw the bootie, like a groupie for more ice, Armor truck Heist, get a bonus like N'Bushe. In love with you since the days of "Juicy". Now I watch you play Columbo, Picasso. Tricks inside colassals, turn you castles to brothels, uh?! 

In her Trench coat, wavy hair and sunglasses bahbayyy she was serving some serious looks! Lil Kim’s stage presence is like no other. 

Method Man came outallto perform “Your All I Need”.. the audience were hyped rapping and singing along to the hood love joint! 

“Shorty, I'm there for you anytime you need me, for real girl, it's me in your world, believe me, nothing make a man feel better than a woman, Queen with a crown that be down for whatever” 

The performance ended with “Just Fine” and that she is - with everything she has endured, from her divorce and other things she may be going through, Mary is pushing through as she always does. Her strength and tenacity is undefeated.  

Enjoy her performance here: 

Mary is currently touring with Nas on The Royalty Tour, they are both celebrating the 25th Anniversary of their classic debut albums - My Life and ILLMATIC. These two albums are definitely one of the best albums to come out from Hip Hop and R&B it created a bar so high, that it’s untouchable.


You can purchase your ticket/s here: 

 Tour dates: 

* = Mary J. Blige performing only 

07/31 – St. Louis, MO @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheater 
08/02 – Houston, TX @ The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion 
08/03 – Austin, TX @ Austin360 Amphitheater 
08/06 – Kansas City, MO @ Starlight Theatre 
08/09 – Phoenix, AZ @ Ak-Chin Pavilion 
08/14 – San Francisco, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheatre 
08/16 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint * 
08/17 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint * 
08/20 – Albuquerque, NM @ Isleta Amphitheater 
08/22 – Dallas, TX @ Dos Equis Pavilion 
08/25 – Tuscaloosa, AL @ Tuscaloosa Amphitheater 
08/28 – Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center 
08/29 – Baltimore, MD @ Royal Farms Arena 
08/31 – Syracuse, NY @ St Joseph’s Health Amphitheater 
09/01 – Boston, MA @ Xfinity Center 
09/08 – Newark, NJ @ Prudential Center 
09/10 – Toronto, ON @ Budweiser Stage 
09/12 – Indianapolis, IN @ Bankers Life Fieldhouse 
09/17 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Bowl


Common: HER Love | Let Love Have The Last Word: A Memoir | Red Table Talk  

by A. Smith

Let Love Have The Last Word book coverCommon’s new single and video for HER Love, produced by the late, great J Dilla, features Daniel Caesar and Dwele. The video displays a ray of black love, black beauty, dancers, and just all around black excellence. This seems like a part two to his classic song I Used To Love H.E.R which was released in 1994. Clip from Common's music video HER Love

Her Love is an ode to Hip Hop as he rhymes about his love for Hip Hop and the current rappers in Hip Hop now: 

“Who knew? Who knew that we would take it this far? I, I love you so just be who you are. You gave me a voice in the world, It's been hard to choose another girl.  

They trip when you mumble, they trip when you sing. But you gave us, a chance to dream. 

In young thugs, you see a future, you recognize little Uzi ain't here to shoot ya. At 21, you knew I was savage. But you said "Common you will never be average" 

“I'm forever yours, to the tic-toc, I'm still talking 'bout you, Hip-Hop!” 

Common was on Red Table Talk where he talked about his book Let Love Have The Last Word: A Memoir, a follow up to his bestselling book – One Day It Will All Make Sense. Common on the Red Talk Table

“Common believes that the phrase “let love have the last word” is not just a declaration; it is a statement of purpose, a daily promise. Love is the most powerful force on the planet and ultimately, the way you love determines who you are and how you experience life. 

Touching on God, self-love, partners, children, family, and community, Common explores the core tenets of love to help others understand what it means to receive and, most important, to give love. He moves from the personal—writing about his daughter, to whom he wants to be a better father—to the universal, where he observes that our society has become fractured under issues of race and politics. He knows there's no quick remedy for all of the hurt in the world, but love—for yourself and for others—is where the healing begins. 

Courageous, insightful, brave, and characteristically authentic, Let Love Have the Last Word shares Common’s own unique and personal stories of the people and experiences that have led to a greater understanding of love and all it has to offer. It is a powerful call to action for a new generation of open hearts and minds, one that is sure to resonate for years to come.” 

He talks about his romantic relationships and dealing with trust, amending his relationship with his daughter and therapy; "I remember because it was strange, I was in the car with Omoye and we were about to fly somewhere and I had to get in the backseat to talk in private to the therapist," he explained. "But I needed it right then and there, I was going through a pain that was just like, I gotta get this off me so I can be better for myself, for Omoye, for everything that I'm doing.”  

He also talked about his experience with molestation; “I talked about being molested because, as a Black man, many men have hidden that”, alcoholism and his desires to be married. It has been rumoured that Common and Angela Rye broke up. However after getting a question about his dating life, he mentioned he is happy and dating and hinted him and Angela may be back together. “ ... I would like to be a husband. Now I think that I just want that partnership. To be able to experience life where I’m growing as a human being and it’s fun too.” 

You can find out more about his book and concert tour dates on his website:

Cover Art for HER LoveCommon with Daughter Omoye

instagram page