Hopelessly In love: Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes & Andre Riston

By A. Smith

The documentary shares the story of Andre and Lisa’s life, career and 

Before Andre Riston was signed to the NFL, he became the man of the house at a 
young age. His dad was in the Vietnam War, when he came back from the war he was 
not himself due to injuries and his parents broke up. Unfortunately, his dad was sick and 
he passed, but luckily he was able to see him before he passed. Later on, his mother 
remarried, just when his bond with his step dad was starting to blossom, his step dad 
was murdered. 

Lisa’s father was also in the military, he was a US Army staff sergeant. He was also a 
musician. Unfortunately, he was very abusive to their mum, Wanda. It was sad to hear 
how abusive their father was. Lisa’s sister Reigndrop mentioned them watching ‘The 
Burning Bed’. She expressed they would talk about doing it to their dad, who would have 
known years later, those thoughts would kind of manifest itself. 

“I always expect a lot, because I give a lot.”Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes 

The violence prompted her mum, Lisa, her brother and sister to move out. But she later 
married him again! Lisa mentioned he was literally a drill sergeant at home. 
Unfortunately, when Lisa signed the deal to be in TLC, is the day she heard her dad was 
murdered by his cousin. 

Andre recalled watching TLC’s music video and his friends wanted Chilli and someone 
else mentioned they wanted T-Boz then he said “you know what, I’ll take that one right 
there”. They later met 2 weeks later. The documentary talks about the infamous fire at 
Andre’s house, domestic violence, alcohol abuse, self -harm, their family dynamic, 
infidelities, spirituality, Lisa’s last days and Andre’s life now. Dealing with the height of 
fame and personal tragedies, Andre and Lisa’s bond was loving but toxic. 

“Lisa loved Andre, 2Pac was her soulmate.” 

Whew! There was a lot to unpack in this documentary. Let us know your thoughts on this 
episode. The next documentary will be about Faith and Biggie on Lifetime. Check your local listing.

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