Nivea bares all her feelings on her new album ‘Mirrors’

by A. Smith

Nivea’s album Mirrors shares her journey after her long hiatus. Nivea first came onto our screens in Mystikal’s music video ‘Been So Long’ as she sang the chorus. Shortly after we saw her first video ‘Don’t mess with my radio’. The fresh-faced singer with coloured hair was shown having fun with her girls, and letting her man know he can’t mess with her radio, and when he did he was kicked out in the rain. Another thing Nivea doesn’t want anyone to mess with - is her man! ‘Don’t mess with my man’ came out with Jagged Edge. This was a popular song, that was definitely an anthem in my school. Smh! 

One of her most memorable and unique song and video was ‘Laundromat’. The sick n tired detergent always gets me!! Lol! Other songs released from her first album were ‘Runaway’ (I wanna be with u) and 25 reasons (one of my favs from Nivea) I wish a video was released for this song. 

She later on released other albums such as ‘Complicated’ and ‘Animalistic’. Due to bad management and deciding to have a family life she quietly raised her 4 beautiful children, after her divorce for The Dream and broken engagement with Lil Wayne. 

I’m so happy to hear Nivea’s music again, she recently expressed in her recent interviews about the loss of her mum, motherhood, relationships, industry politics and substance abuse on VLAD TV . 

The songs on Mirrors date back as far as 2008 till now but I can’t tell. They all sound relevant and not dated at all. ‘Circles’ is my favourite on the album. I pray she continues to make timeless music.

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