Snoh Aalegra


Snoh just released a video for ‘Whoa’ off of her amazing album. Ugh..those Feels Again. The music video features Michael B. (Bae) Jordan as her leading man. Snoh’s music videos always feel like a short movie/art, which I appreciate. From the aesthetics, color grading and the effortless chemistry between Snoh and MBJ.. has us in our feelings.  Some of the videos out today have no correlation with the song or just feels disconnected. The shots in the video gives me a hint of Sade and scenes from the movie Love Jones. One shot that made some buzz, was the kissing scene, where Snoh and Michael are sitting on the street, facing each other and boom... a kiss! I’m sure I heard a few heart breaks and ‘‘hell to naw, to the no, no, noooo’’ (in my Sheree Whitfield’s voice). The video was shot in Berlin and directed by NO SCHOOL & Izabelle P. Wilson (I.P.W.) and shot on Kodak. 

According to my Spotify account Snoh is the number one artist I’ve been listening to this year. She just gets it, her way of incorporating hip hop, contemporary/pop and that smooth R&B we’ve been missing, is such a joy to listening to. She is definitely right by saying her sound is “romantic /cinematic soul”. She mentions in the interview that ‘Whoa’ was not about a particular person but being in a good place presently. 


Watch the music video for ‘Whoa’:  

Snoh’s interview with SK Vibemaker: 

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