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Hip Hop artist Kris J drops video for his first single “Ya Dig” off new project. 

Aug 6, 19: Breakout Atlanta hip hop artist Kris J (@ImKrisJ) releases visual for latest single “Ya Dig”, produced by DJ Iceberg (@TheDJIceberg). The video was shot in L.A. by The Architeks (@architekculture) and is the first release off his new ep Seven Days A Week. 

The single “Ya Dig” is the hustler anthem for the summer, telling all the ones on the come up to keep working hard and handle their business. While the message of the song maybe to stay focus, Kris J shows off some of the fruits of his hard labor by walking on a beautiful beach counting his money. The rapper also takes us on a day in the life of a young rapper working his market as he links with DJs and check out dispensary items.  

Originally from Columbus, GA the rapper migrated to Atlanta after finishing up his education at Bethune-Cookman University. Over the last year Kris J as toured across the nations spreading his music. He’s opened up for Bun B and Starlito, as well as performing at both A3C and South By Southwest music festivals in 2018. Now living in Los Angeles, CA the rapper is planning on spreading his Class of Stoners brand and music across the west coast.  

Video - https://youtu.be/DTWwgxL6ESg

Website - https://www.howmuchforthequarter.com/

Twitter/IG - @ImKrisJ 

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A Close Conversation with NY Rapper SeQuence 

This months Who's Up Next Artist is SeQuence. The Universe of Hip Hop had a chance to catch up with Upstate NY born rapper SeQuence. Check out our exclusive interview with this rapper on the rise.

When did you realize you wanted to rap or you had a love for music?  

I first realized I had a love for music when I was pretty young, probably around 9 or 10. I knew all the words to a lot of rap songs that were popular back then. 

Who were the artists that influenced you at an early age?  

DMX, Nas, Biggie, Tupac, Big L, Big Pun, Wu Tang, Redman, Black Rob, Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf, Eric B. and Rakim, N.W.A, Gangstarr, Bootcamp Clik, Black Moon, Black Star, Heltah Skeltah, Mobb Deep, Busta Rhymes, AZ, MF DOOM, Madlib, The Lox, Eminem, Royce Da 5'9", Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre 

How would you describe your music or rap style?  

Underground, east coast, lyrical, thought-provoking, conscious, uplifting, meaningful and timeless 

We're featuring your video "If That's How It Works" and by the way it's a Dope track! Can you tell me your thoughts and ideas that lead up to the release of the song and video?  

Thanks for featuring it! First I found the beat and I liked but it just sat on my phone for a while and every time it would play I would always think, I gotta write something to this lol. Well one time I was working an overnight shift and lines started coming to me, without that beat in mind so i just wrote them on a sticky note. Those are the first few lines hence the line "I'm ya working neighbor", once I had a chance I said it to the beat then from there I just kept writing. My boy heard the song and wanted to do a video for it so we decided to shoot it on 4/20. It was our first video in probably over a year and I'm glad with how it came out

What upcoming projects or songs are you currently working on?  

I'm currently working on a new project, which is almost done. I would say about 80℅ finished, still haven't even got around to the cover yet and still working on the music so there's still a good amount of work to do. 

Tell me your thoughts on the current situation of the United States and the Trump Administration?

I think that we're in a cringy yet interesting time period in this country. We see Trump do and say a lot of negative things yet a lot of people still support him. That shows what the mindset of many people are. To me it seems as if the Trump administration is trying to divide the people, when we should be uniting and accepting people regardless of race or religion. We all need to spread love, not hate. Hopefully It can only get better from here. 

What country would you like to travel to that you have not traveled to yet?  

It's too hard to pick just one but It would be out of France, The UK, China, Japan and Africa too. Egypt looks cool. 

If there was one Artist you could do a collaboration with, who would it be?  

Mach Hommy or MF DOOM

To learn more about SeQuence visit him on Social Media

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/omega.sq/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Omega_SQ

Check out his latest video "If That's How It Works" https://youtu.be/6Qgk4uteyqE